Sales & Digital Marketing

Enhance your organisational excellence with Outsource Guru’s dedicated Sales Team who will be an extension of you.

Reduce Your Overhead Costs

By outsourcing time-consuming sales related tasks to our expert Outsource Guru Sales Team, you can significantly reduce business costs.

High-Quality Resources

Our team of dedicated sales experts provide high-quality services to give you more time to focus on achieving your business goals.

Increase Efficiencies

Streamlined Outsourced sales procedures allow for increased efficiencies across any organisation.

Gain more visibility, leads and increase your revenue as Outsource Guru helps your company increase your bottom line. After a complimentary evaluation, Outsource Guru’s SEO Experts will analyze your website’s content, your specific needs and marketing goals and utilize an approach that is designed to deliver results.

Social media campaigns are an excellent mode to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve information flow to potential customers — however, it takes time and effort. Outsource Guru will create a solid social media strategy to open the doors to a massive audience and foster closer interaction with them. With Outsource Guru’s Social Media Team, you will be equipped with the right formula to better connect your business with the people you built it for.

Outsource Guru’s experts will assist with all facets of your eCommerce plan, from strategy, to integration, to migration, to support. Working with you in creating goals and making data-driven decisions using the latest marketing and analytics tools, Outsource Guru will implement plans to improve customer experience, increase revenue per shopper, streamline processes, employ multi-touch engagement programs, and much more.

Outsource Guru’s experienced Telemarketing Team will help write effective call guides (scripts) and make necessary recommendations to generate positive outcomes. Whatever your product or service is, Outsource Guru will maximize results with our innovative and effective telemarketing campaigns.

Outsource Guru’s highly skilled email writers will ensure the professional appearance of your emails and increase email consistency and frequency, thus reducing the amount of time taken to scale your business. With exceptional email marketing techniques and incoming mail monitoring and response, Outsource Guru will support your marketing operations.

Streamline your Business Processes

With our global team of professional and dedicated remote sales staff, we can help you outsource multiple disciplines to Outsource Guru. Apart from Sales and Digital Marketing, Outsource Guru provides high-quality outsourced assistance across various industry processes including:

Programming & Cybersecurity

Accounting & Finance

AI / Web 3.0 Applications

Secure Database Management

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