General Administration

Grow your organisation with Outsource Guru’s dedicated virtual assistants and high-quality administrative resources.

Increase Efficiencies

Streamline your admin resources to allow for increased efficiencies in your organization.

Positive Brand Perception

Reinforce positive brand perception with readily available and dedicated virtual admin staff to assist your customers.

Reduced Costs

By outsourcing time-consuming tasks to our trained Outsource Guru admin team, you can significantly reduce business costs.

Data entry is a specialized and time-consuming task that needs to be assigned to skilled professionals. Outsource Guru can help your growing business by efficiently and securely processing your data to ensure correct information is entered and errors are reduced. Outsource Guru’s team of Data Entry Professionals provide one-stop data service to businesses & individuals looking for data entry outsourcing services.

With Outsource Guru’s Virtual Assistant services, you can now relieve yourself of mundane or time-consuming tasks, and have more time to focus on your most valuable and most profitable work. When you outsource to Outsource Guru’s virtual assistant, you can increase efficiency and resources. You will now have a dedicated offshore staff who will work for your company. The outsourced virtual assistant can also increase your flexibility because he can perform repetitive and mundane tasks as you negotiate and close more sales. Meet your deadlines and reach your business goals with Outsource Guru.

Outsource Guru has the resources to both streamline and improve recruitment - dedicated staff, knowledge, expertise, contacts and technology. Working as an extension of your company’s HR function, Outsource Guru will be responsible for a single hiring-related activity or even assist with the entire process, from talent sourcing through employee onboarding. If your company is experiencing rapid growth, seeing seasonal spikes that call for high-volume recruitment, or even looking to fill a highly specialized or ececutive level position, Outsource Guru has the expertise for the job.

Getting the Human Resource aspect of any business right is critical to its success. Outsource Guru can help your company simplify the HR process by reducing the administrative burden and minimizing your risk with a flexible on-demand model that is accessible regardless of the size of your organization. If your business is small to mid-sized, Outsource Guru steps in as your outsourced HR department. For larger organizations, Outsource Guru assists with any and all HR related projects and tasks as an extension of your existing HR department.

Outsource Guru provides your business with the support and expertise to overcome all payroll related challenges and clear those hurdles with a payment management system of your choice. Providing reliable management of employee pay disbursements, tax filing, compliance oversight, platform implementation and support, audits and assessments, project support, and more, Outsource Guru has positioned itself as the payroll partner of choice for global organizations.

Streamline your Business Processes

With our global team of professional and dedicated virtual admin staff, we can help you outsource multiple disciplines to Outsource Guru. Apart from General Administration, Outsource Guru provides high-quality assistance across various industry processes including:

Accounting & Finance

Graphics & Design

Programming & Cybersecurity

CRM Management / Client Care

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