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” Together, we can overcome the adversities and create a better, profitable and sustainable tomorrow for the generations to come “ – Francis Michael

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OUTSOURCE GURU is the global choice for Business Process Outsourcing as we offer a full-stack of services for all aspects of your business process flow. Transform your business with us.

A great big shout-out to the amazing team at Outsource Guru and of course, our valued and dear clients, without whom, we would not be where we are now.

We have survived 3 tumultuous years, as the pandemic wrecked havoc across the globe. Every single one of us was impacted personally and professionally. As we sailed the stormy seas, we faced significant unforeseen challenges that unfortunately caused a multitude of businesses around the world to wind up their operations. Those that survived, and are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, now face global economic uncertainties, amidst higher than expected inflation and recession in a world shaken by geo-political tensions. I do not mean to portray a gloomy economic outlook as we move forward into 2023, but let’s face reality. The world that we lived in 4 years ago has ceased to exist.Welcome to the new norm.

If there is one thing I personally have learned from the pandemic, it is this. THE WORLD IS ONE. We have seen the power and strength in unity as the world came together to fight the dreaded pandemic. We have witnessed courageous front-liners, strangers, rallying around the fallen, lending a hand, sharing and caring. We have been part of movements that brought continents closer as businesses globally fought to survive. We have gone thru a whirlwind of emotions as we struggled to adapt to critical changes that have affected every element of our organizations.

The next few years are going to present a brutal test of our resilience and grit. A test of our determination to not just survive but to thrive as we promote sustainable business practices thru the efficient use of resources. With this in mind, we launched an initiative with Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations globally to positively influence and support their member businesses as they make the transition to become adaptive and agile in the face of uncertainty.

Thru the integration of AI in our process flows and with highly experienced and qualified professionals, we now serve MSMEs and leading brands across the globe by helping them drastically reduce operating costs, deliver positive outcomes and prepare for future business dynamics. All this is accomplished by our very own Outsource Guru.

As I embark on my journey taking Oursource Guru forward, our team will continue to focus on our mission to reach out and assist businesses across the continents with their transformation as we strive to further enhance our presence in the market. Together, we can overcome the adversities and create a better, profitable and sustainable tomorrow for the generations to come.

I am always open to new and innovative ideas, so please feel free to drop by our office to say hello, have a coffee and let me know what is on your mind.

I look forward to meeting you personally.

Francis Michael

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

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